Hi - I am Sujata Pal.

Welcome to SujataPal.com – Where Financial Freedom Meets Real-Time Trading Expertise!

At Sujata Pal, we're redefining the way you look at stock market trading. Meet our dynamic and passionate founder, Sujata Pal, a young stock market technical analyst in her 20s with a remarkable 5-year journey in the world of stock markets. Her vision is crystal clear: to empower individuals like you to become independent and profitable traders.

Sujata is more than just an analyst; she's your guide to achieving financial freedom. Her expertise lies in intraday and short-term positional trading within the Indian markets. With her, it's not just about numbers; it's about energy and transformation.

Our workshops, both offline and online, have already left their mark on over 2000 individuals, each stepping into the world of real-time trading with a newfound perspective.

Sujata's journey isn't just about numbers and charts; it's deeply rooted in her background and her passion for service. As the daughter of an Army father, she carries a dedication to serving people through her work. Her love for mathematics led her to pursue a degree in Mathematics Hons from ARSD College, DU. During her college years, she dived into various activities, igniting her entrepreneurial spirit. And then came the pivotal moment – her introduction to the Indian markets.

Sujata Pal's story is not just about her journey; it's about the transformation she can bring to yours. We invite you to explore the world of trading with Sujata Pal, where financial freedom is no longer a distant dream, but a tangible reality. Join us on this exciting journey towards profitable and independent trading.

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